Alleviating your moving troubles

Moving home or business to a new location is a daunting and cumbersome task. There is a ginormous “to-do” list that accompanies this hefty endeavour. Finding a good house or commercial space that suits your home or office requirements respectively. Settling your agreement with the landowner and carrying out the required money transfer for the rent/security deposit. Acquiring utilities services for your new home/office. Applying for a change of address on all your official documents. Finding the right material to pack your furniture and belongings to ensure their safety during transport. Selecting the right packers and movers service to help you transport your goods. Disassembly if required, packing up and loading of your belongings into the transport vehicle. Unloading, unpacking, assembly and setting up of your property in your new home/office establishment. This list is endless.

A number of these troubles do not particularly require YOUR attention for them to be solved. They simply require sufficient thought and manpower. And we provide exactly that. Focus your attention on those aspects of your move, that specifically require YOUR attention – changing your address on official documents, talking with the landowner to negotiate rent and security deposit amounts, acquiring and setting up utilities at your new home such as internet and water supply. Allow us to take the burdensome process of packing, storing and moving your goods, off your head.




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