5 Smart Homepages Reflect Donald Miller's StoryBrand Principles.

In this online world, your website is like your shop. The only difference is your expertise, products and services are expressed through words. Yes! The words sell on the web. So we are supposed to use them accurately. 

Being in the relocation business we found it difficult to decide, 'How do we optimize our website for conversion? Because everyone wants ROI from any investment.

In our quest for answers, we happen to stumble upon Pigtail Pundits who were the only digital marketing agency in India talking about Donald Miller's StoryBrand's framework.

We were very much impressed by this blog...
How to write a copy that sells using Donald Miller's StoryBrand Framework

This blog is a clear give away on how to write a web copy as per 7 part storyBrand principles and what benefits you will derive.

Pigtail Pundits introduced us to some of the finest websites following StoryBrand's marketing framework. Take a look at these 5 websites and get inspired to transform your website into a lead generating machine.


What we love: The headline clearly talks about their offerings

The value proposition is given right away. It gives away straight, what D'frens can do for you and what it will result in. This will encourage those who are really interested in their services to dig further, reach out and buy.

Pain is amplified in a way that pushes those in urgent need to take immediate action. After talking about problems they are giving precise steps on how D'frens can help you.

To support their claims they talk about their projects and finally help their prospective customers understand how they can ask for D'frens solutions.

What you can learn: Talk about how you can help your prospects

The website Captures visitors' attention within a few seconds. It can only happen when you talk about something which is of their interest. Explain to your prospects how you can solve their problems. That is the main reason why they visited your website, isn't it? 


What we love: Pictures show the transformation.

The rotating video gives the testimony of people that are served, buildings that were built, most importantly they are conveying how the donations received are optimally utilized by them. You can see the walls taking shape. The woman with keys in her hand. As a prospective donor, you will believe that your donations are properly used.

What you can learn: Enrich your website with transformative images.

Show what transformation your prospects can expect when they turn into your customers. Show the trust that makes them believe that they will get bang for their bucks. If you can't find it create an animation video that shows how your service/product can change their lives.

Prefectly Placed

What we love: Headline promises to solve an external and internal conflict of prospects.

The headline is giving one on one free offer. The Perfectly Placed Organisation not only organizes your closet but will also make your life easier. The company is humanizing the problem and giving it an emotional solution.

What you can learn: Be empathetic with your audience. Give them more than they ask.

Your headline and website copy must talk with your audience at a deeper level. Give solutions to their immediate need but don't forget to mention how emotionally they would be satisfied with your services/product.

Joshua Royalties

What we love: The headline talks about what the target audience is interested in.

The headline talks about what the company is into and how it can help its customers. The website copy beautifully amplifies the pain that the prospect may be going through. It also gives a solution to that pain. On top of that, the company's claims are supported by the testimonials of the clients it has served.

What you can learn: Your headline should be clear about your offering.

Take your prospects directly to what you have in store for them. Don't beat around the bush. Be crystal clear in your offers and explain how they can buy those.

Pigtail Pundits

What we love: The actionable copy encourages sales.

The copy of Pigtail Pundit is very clear and crisp. All the services they offer are designed and expressed in a way that talks with a specific niche. Icons used for services are so relatable that the visuals get fixed when you think about that particular service.

What you can learn: Actionable words stick in the minds of your website visitors.

Your website copy should nurture your prospects into customers. It should convey your offering clearly. Emphasis on what you can offer and how it differs from your competitors.

Get inspired by the above websites. Prime your website for conversion. If you like this blog share it far and wide.

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