7 ways to network in a new city

You’ve recently moved to a new city, starting a new phase in your life. You may have either moved with your family, or might have moved alone. In this new environment, it’s likely that you do not know anyone. This can be a problem for a lot of reasons. Everybody needs a social circle to hang out with and talk to at the end of the day or week. Who do you go to for help when you need something, if you do not know anyone? After a certain point, you may start feeling lonely and miserable because of this. All of this contributes to hampering your new life in a new city. Hence, networking and getting to know people is a quite an important activity to carry out when you move to a new city where you don’t know anyone.

Here are 7 simple ways to do this:

  1. Back to college

    The simplest way to network is to go to your college alumni association. In all probability, your college has an alumni chapter in your new city. Find it and become an active member. The alumni association will always want you to be involved when you start out. This is so that you have an established loyalty to them when you are able to provide more support.

  2. Join on organization

    The best way to network is through common interests. Join a social service organization if you’re an altruist. Become a member of the local trekking club if you enjoy that sort of stuff. Be proactive, find out, and be a part of such local, volunteer-run, interest-based organizations and you will automatically start interacting with a crowd of similar interests.

  3. Sign up for classes

    Join a salsa or a tango class. Maybe a short course on bartending and mixing drinks. Join a martial arts bootcamp. Anything of your interest. Learning activities are quite useful in helping people interact. This is due to 2 main reasons – similar interests and a similar level of proficiency and learning.

  4. Use the internet

    There is nothing that the internet cannot do in this day and age. There are various groups on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn for newcomers to a city to mix with one another. Use Meet-Up to attend social meet up events based on your interests. Or you could organize for your own Meet-Up events for other people to attend. Again, this is a way to interact with people based on similar interests.

  5. Say YES

    The moment you form even the tiniest bit of a social circle, make it a strict policy to say yes for the first few outings. Even if it isn’t something you particularly enjoy. The fact that you will be out and exploring new venues will give you something more to talk about with your current circle and the more people you will end up meeting.

  6. Go for the right event nights in your city

    If you’re an extrovert and social person, you know that a lot of clubs and bars have regular discount nights and happy-hours times where you can get your drinks and food for cheaper. A lot of people come to these events. Be fearless and start interacting. Alcohol is supposed to lower your inhibitions about such things anyway.

  7. Date someone!

    Mobile apps like Tinder and Bumble help you meet people on the premise of dating. Get on to these apps and start swiping. Go for dates. You might find an interesting potential partner, or if it doesn’t work out, you’ve interacted with a person and possibly become their friend. No harm, no foul.

There are loads of ways to meet new people, ways that could be tailored specifically to you based on what your interests entail doing. Use them, think outside the box, be well-informed to hold a good conversation, and you will start networking in no time!

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