Do I need storage service when moving house?

If you’re planning a home move, you’ve probably read about people hiring storage space for storing their household goods. If you’re moving long distance, you’ve probably thought if you need one, too. Hiring storage space while you plan and execute your move is actually a wise idea. Still not convinced about the benefits of hiring storage space?

Here are 3 compelling reasons why you need storage space when moving home.

  1. It makes your house more buyable

    If you’re moving to a new house, you’re probably going to sell off the old place. Or you might want to give it on rent.

    If your house is still full of all your furniture, the potential buyer won’t have any idea how it would look like without it. If you’re giving your house on rent, the tenant needs to know exactly what the place looks like.

    With all your furniture still there, the future owners or tenants won’t get a clear picture of the house.

    Storing all your furniture somewhere, temporarily, will make your house look more spacious and buyable.

  2. It helps you plan your move well

    Moving home isn’t easy. If you’ve done it before, you’ll know.

    In precise steps, moving involves –

    1. Searching for a perfect moving company for your home move

    2. Packing all your household belongings.

    While your movers will take care of this, you still need to pack all your personal items yourself. This might not sound like a big deal right now. But once you actually get to packing all your stuff, you’ll know how much time it takes.

    If you have kids and pets, you will need to pack all their stuff too.

    3. Make arrangements for the move.

    You’ve hired a moving company to move your household goods from one place to another. But have you decided how you will be moving? If you’re moving long distance, you probably need to book your tickets well in advance.

    Also, moving to a new country means looking for a house for the family, looking for a new job, looking for a school for the children. The list goes on and on.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could deal with all these things one by one rather than having to manage everything all at once?

    If you have a storage space to save your household goods, you can simply move to the new city with things you need right now. Once you settle down, you can ask for the rest of the goods to be delivered.

    Doesn’t that make moving so much simpler?

  3. It gives you time to decide if you really need all that furniture

    Furniture that looked perfect in your old house wouldn’t necessarily be ideal for your new house.

    Maybe that kitchen shelf which looked was so perfect in the old house doesn’t match the style of your new house. Maybe, the dining table is too small. Or that wardrobe is too large for the new house.

    These are things you don’t usually realise until you start living in the new house.

    If you’re not going to use your old furniture, why pay for shipping at all? If you’re not going to use it, it’s best to sell it.

    If you’ve stored your furniture somewhere before you move, it gives you time to think about all these things.

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