Reasons to look forward to when moving to a new city

Moving your home to a new city is a cumbersome task. When you’re moving to a new city, it is usually because of a necessity and not choice. You received a better job offer that pays a higher amount than what you’re currently earning. Or you received a transfer from your current place of work. The climate in your current city doesn’t suit you, and you would like to move to a warmer or cooler region. Innumerable reasons, but all coming down to necessity and not choice.

Clearly, you are less likely to be excited about your move to a new city in such a scenario where the move is forced. Especially because it is such a long and arduous process to carry out.

So, to help you feel more positive about it, here are 5 reasons to look forward to moving to a new city:

  1. Variety is the spice of life

    It’s a new city. You will have new things to see and do. You will meet new people. Learn about and experience a new way of life in a different part of your country or the world. Anything new is an exciting prospect as it is something different from the rut of everyday routine.

  2. “I wish I could stay back for another day”

    You traveled to a new place for the first time and loved it. Your trip is almost done, it is the day before you’re about to leave. At this point, everybody has experienced the “I wish I could be here for just one more day” feeling. You don’t want to look at something new, but you want to go back to that one spot you really liked, and experience it again and take in a little more of it. Well guess what? You can justify this feeling in the new city. Because you’re going to live there! Aim to be a traveler when finally move. Aim to find what you love about your new city, to find “your thing”. And you will find yourself feeling much less grumpy, even excited about moving.

  3. The experience

    Life is about experiencing as many different things as you can. Living in a new city, either by yourself or with your family, is a new experience in itself. You will always learn more about yourself and about being independent, surviving and learning about a new city. There will be different problems and different solutions. And going through this process of adjustment is a great experience and helps to further build a person’s character.

  4. Setting up

    Moving to a new city, you will look for your new home. You might be renting a home, or buying one, or will be allotted a home by your company. Either way, setting up this new home for yourself is an exciting prospect. Decorating your new apartment and making it feel like home to you is a personalized process since you do it exactly according to yourself. And it is important to have that sense of familiarity and comfort to get back to at the end of the day, especially when you’re in a new environment.

  5. A major change

    Moving homes, whether to a different locality in the same city, or to a different city, or to a different country altogether, is always a major change in one’s life. A fresh chapter in your story. Document it, maintain a diary about it. Every life is a story, and you will have something to look back upon and reminisce. And the thing about looking back, is that you gradually forget the negative part about an experience over time. You will always remember the good things and the things that excited you. And it adds as an extra interesting story about your life to tell your children and grandchildren.

Moving homes is a tiresome and tedious process. But it’s all about the attitude you maintain. You can always make it something to look forward to.


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