The ultimate office moving checklist

Are you shifting to a new office? Some of the most common reasons people relocate their office is because they need a bigger space, the business is growing and the team is expanding or simply because their lease is expiring and they’ve found a better place to shift their office.

Whatever the reason, it’s a happy time for the whole team. And by planning the move efficiently, you must ensure that it stays that way.

To ensure a stress-free office move, here’s the ultimate office moving checklist.

  1. Fix a date

    We’d say, pick a weekend. Or if the move is going to take longer than a day, pick a Friday. This way, you can ensure minimum disruption at work.

    Or, if you can afford it, ask your employees to take a holiday for a day or two.

  2. Give your employees enough time to pack their personal belongings

    Employees get attached to their work stations. They love decorating their desks with pictures of loved ones or gifts from colleagues. This is a great sign of a happy and engaged employee.

    When you’re moving to a new office, your employees might, obviously, want to carry all these things with them.

    Give them enough time to pack their belongings. Also give them enough time to decorate their new work desk.

    To make it fun, you could even have a desk-decoration contest at the new office. This will not only lighten up the mood after the stress of moving, but also make the new office look pretty.

  3. Get your address changed

    Not just on the license. But also other printed material like your business card, letter heads and anything else you might have. Also make sure everyone in the office changes the address in their email signatures.

    It is also advisable to inform your clients about the change in your address. This way, if they’re coming over for a meeting or sending any letters, they’ll know.

  4. Check if the new office is ready for business

    Make sure there are no leakages or lose electric wires. Ensure that all the furniture and fixtures are in place.

    After moving, employees shouldn’t have a problem because of any of this. You might also want to check a few other important things like safety of the office, other offices nearby, etc.

    It’s best to check and double-check for these things before you start the move.

  5. Hire a professional moving company

    Isn’t that a given? How else will you ensure a no-tension move?

    You can follow these tips for hiring a good moving company. Or you can ask friends for reference.

    It’s always best to choose a moving company that’s trusted and verified.

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